Parking Lot

Cheesy Corporate Lingo 02 August 2012


(1).  At conferences you are invited to write out questions/ideas/concerns on a sticky note and place it on a board called the parking lot.  You are told someone (from the company running the conference) will go through them and group them into like categories to avoid repetition and then your topics will be addressed.


Translation:  Slick guise to placate participants, weed out undesirable topics and zero in on what corporate wants to address.


Props to Cynthia E. for the submission.


(2).  A polite euphemism used in meetings to scuttle the train wreck of an idea that everyone sees except the one who just raised it.


“That’s a good point, Bill.  Let’s put that in the parking lot and discuss it after the meeting offline.” (Here “offline” means never.)


Props to Tommy P. for the submission.