Silent Partner

Cheesy Corporate Lingo 22 April 2012


(1). A mysterious individual, usually masked, who invests in a business but remains behind the scenes in order to protect their identity. This is usually because:


(a). They do not want to be associated with the product or service if it fails.


(b). They do not want to be bothered with the day to day operations of said business.


(c). They just want to be the “money guy” and make it rain.


(d). It is their brother-in-law’s “business” and their sister really needs the money.


(2). Batman.


“Hey Jesse, I got this new business idea and I’m gonna let you get in on the ground floor. It’s totally legit and you can be my silent partner. Ok, just close your eyes and think of this, “fireworks”. I can make them in my basement and no one else in New York sells em….it’s foolproof!