Work Hard, Play Hard

Cheesy Corporate Lingo 24 February 2014


(1).  A statement usually made by the person in your office that historically has done neither.


“Hey guys, I didn’t get a chance to finish up those reports you needed, anyways, anyone wanna hit TGI Fridays with me?  Work Hard, Play Hard, am I right?”


(2).  Something lonely Jackie from Accounting says in her Facebook status update on Saturday nights before she heads out to The Olive Garden with “the girls”.


Update – Saturday February 22nd 2014, 5:37 PM: “Never ending pasta and bread sticks?  Count me hungry!  Heading out with the girls after a long week of work.  Work Hard, Play Hard!!”


(3).  A statement used by stock brokers (emphasis on the “bro”) when they want to blow off some steam after a week of “totally crushing it”.


“We totally crushed it this week bro, let’s head over to Off The Wagon and hit on some NYU freshmen!  Work Hard, Play Harder bro!!”