Work Husband

Cheesy Corporate Lingo 25 April 2014


(1).  The guy at work that you are currently are, or want to be, engaged in an extramarital affair with.


(2).  The male counterpart to a work wife.  He’s the guy in the office that you are a little too comfortable with, tell a little too much too, and the guy’s ass that you “accidentally” grab after that second cosmo.  Chill out Karen, everyone knows, and all the ladies (and possibly some guys) are jealous.


“Can you believe Ted and Karen?  He’s totally her work husband.  It’s not cute and they are totally sleeping together, and even if they’re not, they want to.  Why doesn’t Ted notice me?  I don’t get it.  My Facebook posts are clearly geared towards him.  Karen doesn’t post anything on her Facebook account just for him like I do.  Slut.”