Work Wife

Cheesy Corporate Lingo 25 April 2014


(1).  The woman in the office that you currently are, or want to be, engaged in an extramarital affair with.


(2).  The female counterpart to a work husband.  She’s that hot new intern you just met a few months ago, or the long time colleague that you spend way too many late nights with at the office.  You tell her why your wife or girlfriend is making you unhappy, and she is that comforting force that makes everything ok.  Until you guys get caught and it’s totally not ok because you pretty much will lose everything you really care about….I mean, it’s probably worth it if its the hot new intern, but….nope totally worth it.


“Hey Ted, you and Karen got a little something going on over there huh?  She’s like your work wife.  By the way, I am not sure if you noticed, but Betty has been posting these weird things on Facebook that are totally geared towards you.”