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(1). A term used by salespeople in struggling business units to generally describe their service pitch to clients and intermediaries, meant to impart an endearing and almost human quality on the offering.


“I think we have a compelling story to tell about our expertise in the powdered milk space.  Now, let’s hit those phones!”


Student of the Industry

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(1).  What your boss with the B.A. in Sociology tells people when asked where he went to B-School.


“Well, I consider myself a student of the industry.  Why, I remember when we were still making cold calls on a rotary phone!  So, you said your dad’s a CFO of something or other?  Would love to meet him sometime!”


Style Drift

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(1).  When an investment manager veers slowly away from the type of investments he’s supposed to be making.  Usual result is affectionately referred to as “turnover”.


“Well, Mike, I think it’s safe to say you guys have experienced a little style drift lately.  Buying California municipal bonds in a Turkish equity strategy is just not really what we were looking for.”


Style Points

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(1).  A plus for wearing a nice suit, but often accompanied by a minus that there’s no one inside it.


“Well, Jeff’s dog-and-pony show may win on style points, but the fact that he wasn’t sure what the client’s name was or what business he was in might have cost him a next meeting.”



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(1). A positive-sounding way to describe a poor condition or situation, in an attempt to maintain the illusion that all conditions or situations are actually good ones.


Summer Fridays

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(1).  A period of time between Memorial Day and Labor Day in which a company (usually a small business) closes around 3 p.m. on Fridays so the bosses can go golfing.


“Okay, team.  Now that we’re into Summer Fridays, I want everyone to stay until at least 7, Monday through Thursday, so we don’t lose the billable hours.  Oh, and FYI, I’ll be out for the next couple of weeks with limited access to voicemail and email.”



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(1).  To retire or stop supporting due to age.  Usually referring to old programming or a product.


“It’s time to sunset that widget, there are much cooler ones on the market today.”


Props to Lisa M. for the submission.


Swim Lanes

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(1).  During a systems integration, areas where the old and new technology can easily (read: cheaply) be linked.


“Okay, so I’m sure we’ll be able to identify some swim lanes when we’re drawing up the functional spec for the custody conversion project.”


Swivel Chair

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(1).  To immediately process and hand something off.


“The data will be swivel chaired into the ASYLUM management tool.  Boy, we really need to start coming up with better acronyms for our applications…”


Props to Kyle B. for the submission.