Analysis Paralysis

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(1).  An alliterative term describing the cessation of progress on a project due to over-thinking and endless discussion.


“Boy, this is the seventh conference call we’ve had this week on this!  Have you ever seen more analysis paralysis in your life?!”



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(1).  The people who go out on the battlefield after the war is lost, and bayonet the wounded.


“Okay, team…it sounds like we’ve got the auditors coming in August 1st.  Just remember, their job is to find the tiniest, most insignificant thing wrong with the way you do your jobs and then treat it like it put the whole company at risk.  Enjoy the rest of your summer!”


Props to Alison A. for the submission.



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(1).  In most industries, an acronym for “cover your ass”.  The term is most often used when describing an email or voicemail sent to your boss about some problem before anyone else beats you to it (see post).


“You should send Tim an email about this right now, Joe.  Just as a CYA.  Better he hear it from you before anyone else…”


(2).  In accounting, an acronym for “call your accountant”.  The term is usually used after receiving some kind of letter from the IRS.


“I would CYA on this, Ken.  It says you haven’t filed a return since 1987.  I know you’re backing Ron Paul for president, but…”


Massage the Data

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(1).  To subtly manipulate figures to produce a more favorable outcome.


“Well, Nick, I’m not going to lie.  You’re going to owe a ton of taxes this year.  Let me massage the data a bit to see if we can find a more efficient way to use some of those ‘business expenses’.”


Moving Target

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(1).  An impossible-to-identify goal that keeps shifting and changing with the whims of your client or manager.  Just try to hit it … just try!


“So, Eric … I think we finally have what Ari’s looking for.  It was a bit of a moving target, but it looks like if we just eliminate the ‘liabilities’ line-item, his company’s financials will match what he wanted.”


Pig in the Python

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(1). A sharp statistical uptick.  Like every stock price when we thought Trump wasn’t crazy.


“So, last quarter’s net surplus seems to have been a bit of a pig in the python.  After reviewing the annualized numbers, we’re basically flat for the year, mostly due to the drop-off in sales in the northeast region thanks to Larry’s crumbling marriage.”


Props to Kevin for the submission!


Squish Factor

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(1).  A certain amount of flexibility in your financials.


“Yes, the numbers are looking good so far this year.  Of course, that “Projected Estimable Receivables” balance provides us with a fairly healthy squish factor in case any of the board members starts asking questions.”