Happy Friday!

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(1).  Something the annoying woman with the pictures of her cats in her cube says to you every, stinking Friday.


“Hey, Andy!  Happy Friday!  I’m trying to catch up on my T and Es, so I’m going to need all of your receipts for the last six months by lunchtime.  Thanks!!”


Know Enough To Be Dangerous

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(1).  A term used when an individual isn’t an expert in your particular field, but knows enough about it to get you in trouble when you screw up.


“So Scott, I’m certainly no IT expert, I mean, I know enough to be dangerous, but don’t you think setting the password to the server as “server password” could have led to that virus?  Boss wants to see you by the way.”


My Hands Are Tied

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(1).  What your boss says right after your comp discussion and right before he drives home in his Maserati.


“So, there it is, Jim.  I’m sorry we couldn’t do more for you this year, but my hands are tied.  Something, something … down year … something, something … we all have to share the pain … something, somethi … hey, what’re you doing with that letter opener?”



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(1).  An indication of approval from your Australian masters.  (Wait…why are we picking on the Australians…?  They’re like Americans, but without all of those pesky Kardashians.)


OZ-some.  Just OZ-some.  You guys really put something great together here.  Now, all we need is a spokesman.  I’m thinking Russell Crowe.  Isn’t he the guy who hit another guy with a phone?  ‘Member that?”


Props to John T. for the submission.



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(1).  Something that woman in your office who collects naked trolls says after complaining about all of the mindless work she left until Friday to finish.


“I can’t believe I have so many emails to clean out of my inbox today!  Oh well…TGIF, right?”


Work Hard, Play Hard

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(1).  A statement usually made by the person in your office that historically has done neither.


“Hey guys, I didn’t get a chance to finish up those reports you needed, anyways, anyone wanna hit TGI Fridays with me?  Work Hard, Play Hard, am I right?”


(2).  Something lonely Jackie from Accounting says in her Facebook status update on Saturday nights before she heads out to The Olive Garden with “the girls”.


Update – Saturday February 22nd 2014, 5:37 PM: “Never ending pasta and bread sticks?  Count me hungry!  Heading out with the girls after a long week of work.  Work Hard, Play Hard!!”


(3).  A statement used by stock brokers (emphasis on the “bro”) when they want to blow off some steam after a week of “totally crushing it”.


“We totally crushed it this week bro, let’s head over to Off The Wagon and hit on some NYU freshmen!  Work Hard, Play Harder bro!!”


Your Baby is Ugly

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(1).  The tough love statement you need to tell your client when they refuse to believe that nobody likes their brand, company, or product.


“Listen Mike, it doesn’t matter how many times you say “everyone loves our manure scented candles” and “they smell like nature”, it just isn’t true.  Your baby is uglyManandles stink, literally.”