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(1).  Reduction In Force – to be laid off, in governnment or teaching parlance.


“The mayor of NYC is calling for thousands of teachers to be RIF-ed but the president of the UFT says it’s all B.S.”



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(1).  Some kind of new IQ test the government makes kids take to see if they’re going to be doctors or…not doctors.


“My son found the Woodcock-Johnson to be a little overwhelming…I think he definitely needs to have extra time when he takes his SATs…my attorney thinks so, too.”


Props to Katie B. for the submission.



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(1).  What most people take after work, but what teachers take before work.  God bless our children.


“Ugh…I’ve got lunch duty today.   Good thing I sprinkled some Xanax into my coffee this morning…”


Props to V for the submission.